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My Little Garden

A garden big,
a garden small,
perhaps, you think,
"No garden at all."

A garden to me
A garden of mine.
Judge not my garden.
For it is my thyme. (pun intended)

Ideas start as hidden seeds.
Some grow big as towering trees.
Others small and barely seen.

Yet all nourish the earth, our home indeed.
Each with purpose,
sometimes hid,
sometimes bold.

So let your garden grow.
Plant your ideas deep
and keep them watered.
In patience, they will show.
Some bear fruit, others? No.

Yet all have purpose, don’t lose hope,
Nor give into woe.
Just let your garden grow,
pruning, plucking, happily as you go.

One day the yield may be big or small.
Yet in patience,
YOU were the one
who grew tall.

Writer, philosopher, humorist, observer of life, an all-around lovable guy.

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