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With People Starving Worldwide, Why Are We Missing Out On This Valuable Food Source?

The year 1978, Pink Floyd’s song, Money playing in the background. Pot seeds roll off the Dark Side of The Moon album cover into an ashtray full of collected seed. Joe meticulously cleans the seeds out of his reefer then flushes the seeds down the toilet. Who knew that they were nutritious?

“Don, we are starting a business, and I would like you to blog for the website.”

Her proposition honored me. I respect and love the person who asked me. She went from a high school drop out getting her GED. Then while raising three kids: her husband and two sons, She earned her bachelors and masters degrees. A talented writer on her merit, she started as a grant writer and worked her way into an executive position in a non-profit organization. My wife’s little sister has done quite well for herself.
Immediately apprehension set it. “How can I meet the challenge and write effectively, if I am not knowledgeable and passionate about the subject.”

My first question, “What is your product or service?”

With conviction and persuasion, she communicated her vision. “Bill and I are partnering with Gage (her son) to start a Hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) business. The very first of such companies in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Her testimonial was compelling. I agreed to write for their business website.

You see, she has arthritis in her knees and suffers bone-on-bone pain when walking. She adamantly swears by the CBD body butter. By using it as a topical cream, the body butter reduces the inflammation which eases her pain.

I immersed myself in the research, Not only did I discover many commercial and personal uses for hemp but I found out that is a great food source.


I have been on the Keto diet since, March 2018. Don’t knock it. I have lost nearly 30 pounds from 186 to 156.4. My diabetic medicine chest went from insulin injections, Janumet and Amaryl twice daily. Struggling to keep my glucose levels down.

Before you presuppose, I carefully followed the Standard American diet of 60% carbs, 30% proteins, 10% fats. I ate plenty of nutrient-dense raw veggies. I ate fiber-rich bread, potatoes, and rice. Then I Flipped the chart. After flipping the Standard American diet to a high-fat, low carb diet, my blood sugar levels have reduced, I take fewer diabetes medications, and I FEEL MUCH BETTER.

I am always on the lookout for balanced sources of dense nutrition food that is also good source fats and proteins.

I do eat bacon, butter, sausage and use heavy cream in my coffee, but I also eat foods rich in Omega 3 fats such as salmon, avocados, and almonds. Balance is important

A significant watershed moment happened while shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Club. New members, Kathy — Mi Amore — and I were walking through the store when I stumbled across this.

Hemp hearts. Hemp hearts are culled from hemp seeds.

I didn’t know that Hemp Hearts were legal and available in Virginia.

With so much confusion about Hemp and Marijuana, They are related and look alike. The primary difference is that Hemp is higher in CBD with trace amounts of THC. Marijuana is the opposite with high THC minimal amounts of CBD.

First Marijuana was made illegal under Narcotics laws, and eventually, Hemp followed.

Being of a curious nature, I had to try the Hemp Hearts.

What I discovered was a delicious and nutritious food source. I eat the stuff by the tablespoon usually as a snack.

Hemp is grown all over the world for so many different purposes, why is it not a significant food source for most of the world. Primarily a weed, Hemp is grown just about anywhere.

Rice is a staple for most of the world. Rice is also a starchy carb dense food source that is high on the glycemic index. Because rice digested so quickly, it contributes to spikes in blood glucose levels. Rice may be a leading contributor to diabetes among Asians in which rice is a staple.

With its global abundance, why isn’t hemp become a global food staple? It is rich in fiber and with the high fats and proteins would not contribute to glucose spikes.

Could the demonized plant, hemp be the godsend food source that could help curb world hunger?

Something to think about.

PSA: For more information about the benefits of Hemp and CBD, please visit:

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