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Through the haze,
I hear.
The doctor’s cry,
“All clear.”

Another day I live,
heart thumping.
Blood pumping.

The cool fresh air
billowing in and out.
My lungs pump
with care.

Time to pause.
Time to think.
The cause?
Time to re-sync.

Bitter memories,
worries galore,
self-righteous indignations
adored like an Image
with divine inspirations.

The winds blow
as I meditated so.
Like sands on the desert,
the false constructs go.

Life refreshed,
New awakenings.
Breath and Spirit one.
If lingering in the past.
I am undone.
If fixated on the future.
Death has won.

NOW! Life is for living.
Present with the One.
Revealed eons ago.

God desired, insipred, created
you and I with pleasure.
A trophy and a treasure.
More then just flesh.
God breathed.

Beyond bone and marrow,
Divine breath, we are made.
More than air, God’s breath.
Fuel for the stars.

Look at your friend,
Look at your neighbor.
Or brother.
Even the one most hated.

Yes, beyond flesh, bone, and marrow.
The Divine breath calling in each of us.
Calling us home.
God is calling us one.

Seven years ago, I failed a stress test and had to have a heart catheterization. fortunately, I did not need stints or surgery.

That was a wake up call for me. A defining moment in how I was handling or mishandling my life. It was a watershed moment in which I am grateful. This poem is a reflection of what I consider my awakening.

Writer, philosopher, humorist, observer of life, an all-around lovable guy.

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