There is a sadness in my soul,
the nations remain un-whole.
People who were long vested,
friendships are continually tested.

Many friendships have failed,
Friends no longer connected.
Arguments ensue over world affairs,
friends estranged, walls erected.

If the truth be told, we have been fooled,
by the mighty and their distractions.
We bicker and fight, while in course of the night,
they brew their devious concoctions.

The mighty who fill their coffers with gold,
mock us with lies that are eons old.
We fall for their persuasions
they use to keep us distracted.

When will we learn,
that it is not our neighbor we spurn,
but the lies created to divert us.

The message is simple.
It is only Love that will unite us.
Only Love will heal the nations.

Dedicated to the visionaries and mystics who see beyond the veil of flesh.

Writer, philosopher, humorist, observer of life, an all-around lovable guy.

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