January 1993, While in the navy, we ported in Haifa for 10 days. I remember the refreshing smell of citrus on the piers mixing with the sea salt. An old amphibious ship, commissioned 1964, filled to the gills with marines and sailors. It always smelled.

Shuttles ran to and from the USO up on Mount Carmel near the diamond jewelers. The USO served beverages and food.

One the most memorable events, several shipmates and I decided to walk from the ship to the USO. A nice uphill walk.

Several blocks up the hill, we run across a bookstore and decided to stop.

As I was browsing the store, I recognized some of the authors and that many of the books were in English.

I found out that owner of the shop was Israeli his business associate was Palestinian.

With geopolitical news as my only source of information, I was surprised to find this Israeli and Palestinian in a business relationship.

When you strip away politics, religion, ethnic dividers and people meet on a personal level, one is amazed by the obstacles people overcome and the bonds that develop.

I will never forget your story you told about sharing drinks with Muslim gentlemen.

Writer, philosopher, humorist, observer of life, an all-around lovable guy.

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