I connected to this story from manystories.com. The webpage did not redirect and open in medium. The page opened in an embedded page within manystories.com. I was able to clap but not comment. When selecting to comment, I was disconnected. Anyway, If you see fewer reads but a higher number of views, this might be the reason.

I wanted to comment on this story. I liked Virgin River, also. I have loved Alexandra Breckinridge since the AHS Murder House. Besides being beautiful, she is a very gifted actress. I remember Tim Matheson from Animal House and Annette O’Toole from 48 hours. The show has a team of talented actors.

From the way their story ended, I suspect Paige and Preacher’s story will explode next season and get more attention. I look forward too it.

If you are looking for a good show Supernatural type show, check out October Faction.

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