I appreciate your insight and transparency. You are courageous enough to put yourself out there. You seem to have a childlike hunger for the spiritual.

As you so astutely stated,

“Since the ego compartmentalizes, it tries to take this ‘spirituality thing’ into its own boxed off area. And so you have this ‘spiritual life’ that your ego has situated on an island apart from everything else in your life.”

I have come to accept that spirituality is life and life is inherently spiritual. As the Ego matures and develops, it dissects everything into neat little manageable packages.

I have learned more about spirituality and life watching my seven grandkids from birth up. The oldest is now twelve. I am convinced from my observation that very young children are inherently spiritual, live in the present, and take life at face value.

Something happens at a point in their development as their egos begin to develop into a symbiosis with the mind and gradually impersonates who we truly are. The ego is the great impersonator.

I know you are busy with books, school, family, but I have missed your daily posts. Glad to see you back.

Writer, philosopher, humorist, observer of life, an all-around lovable guy.

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