Hidden Treasures For Thee.

Often, beauty is hidden right in front of us. Our minds distantly elsewhere; preoccupied with our thoughts, we miss things we NEED to experience at that moment.

Whether standing at the sink washing dishes, washing your hands, drawing water to drink the mind has blinded you and hidden that which your heart desires to see.

The garden you sweated and labored over yields beautiful flowers and plants, yet your burdened mind skips passed unaware of the vibrant colors, multifaceted textures.

The robins, the starlings, the whipper willows sing and play outside your window. Your ears filled with the wax of troubling thoughts miss the beauty of their song.

Then one morning you are Present; Awake; Aware.

Behold, before your eyes the Divine’s creative beauty unfolds. Beauty manifest through the creative efforts of both nature and man.

You stand in awe at the splendor. Your heart opens like a flower as the beauty invades your consciousness. Vibrant, your breath quickens like two lovers caught in a gaze.

Must this moment pass?

Then the shadow steps in to say, “may I address?”

“You have chores to do and bills to pay. Tah, Tah, no time for play.”

Yield not to his persuasion, take a deep breath or two. Life is not too short; life is you.

Gaze on for the hidden treasure does not fade when you are present.

A mystery you say, only when the shadow invades.

Heed not the shadow, listen to your heart, engage with the moment, allow the blindness to depart, the beauty will unfold, in awe, you shall be.

Writer, philosopher, humorist, observer of life, an all-around lovable guy.

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