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Like butter melting and hot maple syrup flowing down your pancakes; glimpses of love give life its sweetness.

We miss opportunities to capture those glimpses. Instead of being present and ready, we become preoccupied with our thoughts.

Stuck in traffic several cars behind a school bus, I was captivated by a young mother and three children. No mistaking the DNA match. Mom and kids looked like they had just left Iceland. Yellow straw colored hair, pale blue eyes, light complexion, they were poised for the bus to come to a complete stop.

The doors flew open, the oldest child, an elementary school age girl exuberantly ran up and entered the bus. She did not look back.

Typically, I am mentally preoccupied with the work day and in too big of a hurry. Despite having enough time to get to work, I am grumbling to myself over the delay. Too much in my head to see the melted butter and flowing syrup.

This particular morning, instead of getting frustrated, I accepted the delay. After a few cleansing deep breaths, I entered the present. At that moment, I captured a glimpse of love unfolding.

As the older sister ran onto the bus, the middle child a preschool boy decided to dart after her. With the speed of a tigress, mom reached out and grabbed him before he could get out of her safe reach and pulled him into a protective embrace along with his little sister.

Moments passed as they stood with anticipation and watched the bus. When sis was seated mom pointed toward her. With beaming love filled smiles they waved vigorously. I pictured her smiling back and waving as the bus headed down the road.

Watching this unfold warmed my heart. Reminded me that in the middle of the many mundane and often unpleasant experiences of life, love is there, unfolding and sweetening life.

Yeah, I had a Hallmark moment without the commercials.

In but a few present moments, the delicious syrup mixed with butter pooled in my plate adding sweetness and flavor to my life.

We must be there to capture those simple glimpses of love. After all, love is always present.

Writer, philosopher, humorist, observer of life, an all-around lovable guy.

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