If I could look beyond the selfie smiles, would I see the ache of a broken heart?
The picture holds it all together what in life is falling apart.
Moments on canvas or paper never tell the whole story.
Sometimes hidden behind the photo is messy and gory.
People, hearts longing for love and happiness,
grasp wishful moments that they can gaze upon and see.
Yes, yes, happy am I, can’t you see?
Look at that big bright smile on me.
May we learn a lesson or two.
Open our hearts to see beyond the selfie smile.
Perhaps a smile filled with glee hiding a heart longing to be free.
Trampled by love feigned, lonely, aching, and depressed.
If we but see, the healer may begin his quest.
Gamble on love, at great risk, go the second mile.
See the world with all its beauty, all its pain.
Heal it through love over and over again.
Make the selfie true, a smile so real.
When the heart overflows again with love,
deeply we shall feel.

Writer, philosopher, humorist, observer of life, an all-around lovable guy.

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