Bebe, Your compassion, wisdom, and courage come through in this post.

People tend to draw with broad strokes and view all who claim to be Christians as a single entity. The Christian haters hate one then hate all. The media helps perpetuate this hatred by focusing their stories on the sins of some well-known televangelists and nationally recognized leaders. Or the sex scandals and pedophilia within certain church institutions. These examples are but the head of the needle in comparison to the many millions of believers. Yet the head of the needle draws blood and gets the most attention.

What many may not know is under the umbrella of Christianity are over 30,000 different nominations and sects. From snake-handling Pentecostals to the liturgical Roman Catholics that fall under this umbrella. These many and diverse groups have distinct worldviews, which range from conservative fundamentalists to progressive liberals and have many different beliefs, both politically and theologically.

How one can make such broad harsh judgment against Christianity, which is more of a living, changing mosaic than a dead slab of stone is beyond me. But I feel the hostility is growing.

This is coming from a former Fundamentalist of Twenty-five plus years who is now a Christian Universalist. :)

Writer, philosopher, humorist, observer of life, an all-around lovable guy.

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