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Autumn — A Time of Sweet Celebration.
Remembrance of a bountiful season.
Thanksgiving for a plentiful harvest.
Sorrow for those without.
Many who care share of their bounty.
This year was no drought.
Hearts smiling filled with joy.
Stores for winter’s rest.

The Earth soon closes its tired eyes and sleeps.
The leaves dancing a promise of renewal.
Rejoice as the Earth plays its lullaby.
Dancing and rustling in the breeze,
leaves swirled all around.
The leaves sang their song resounding.
The sound of a thousand maracas
shaking rigorously in the breeze.
Multi-Colors splayed upon the trees.
Changing some greens, yellows,
oranges and red.

Brown, they fell to the ground.
Laying dormant assumed to be dead.
Sadness for the leaf? No.
A new purpose unfolds.
Death yields to a new cycle.
The brown’s offer brings the Earth’s healing.
The Sun, wind, and rains
will pound the brown into grains.
Brown disappears into the soil.
In the darkness, the miracle unfolds.
Feed the tree, for another year she holds
New Life springs forth.
The cycle of renewal repeated again.

Writer, philosopher, humorist, observer of life, an all-around lovable guy.

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