A sad but beautiful story. Beautiful because you see beyond your son’s death to the gift of two beautiful daughters.

A twin, only my daughter survived. She was born at twenty-nine weeks gestation. Because of the birth stress, she developed Cerebral Palsy and is physically disabled. Ambulates by an electric wheelchair. Has limited use of her hands but hunt and pecks on a computer.

She turns thirty this year. Lives in her apartment and has attendants that assist her.

Her hope and ambitions burn bright. She wants to go to college and is always applying for jobs. Many of which, she is physically incapable of doing.

Through, the foundation that handles her care, she is working with a job coach who specializes in helping disabled adults find employment.

Her mom and I are proud of her.

Out of tragedy, a bright flame may still burn. Your story touched me deeply.

Under the duress of our child’s life or death, we alone have to make the hard decisions. My heart goes out to you. May peace cover your heart.

Writer, philosopher, humorist, observer of life, an all-around lovable guy.

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