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A gray December morning, I look out across the still lake.
What do I see? My friend, the aging willow tree.
Leaves thinning, from the nightly chill.
Yet in his grace, hope rises still.

While watching him intently,
a gentle breeze carries the moans upon the water.
Voices pleading for reprieve.

The pain of a lost child breaking a mother’s heart.
A sound of a distant gunshot rings out.
Another life snuffed out?

Disease confounds the doctors,
loved ones looking on.
Heart wrenching questions,
why must this pining go on?

Death, a waiting visitor,
His tendrils spreading throughout.
His cold iciness felt is heard like a shout.

Worries about tomorrow which may never come.
Crush the life out of too many.
Tomorrow, the parasite of today,
Sucks all of the joy, you have for this day.

Relationships rise on hopes of deep connection.
Relationships fail. Yes, broken and filled with rejection.

Regrets of harsh words linger calling from the past.
Wounds long forgotten flame up like a burning rash.
Will it ever heal and leave you in peace?
Can tranquility be real and the pain cease

Tears stream down your eyes.
Your heart wrenched by suffering.
Questions fly, “Is this all that life is about?”
“Another day, and will God trample my heart?”

I look out the window across the lake
At my friend out in the cold.
His branches with thinning leaves
waving gently in the breeze.

He stands strong and tall with his gentle grace.
If he could, there would be a smile on his face.
His voice gives wisdom, no ear can hear.
This wisdom is heard only among the tears.

Deep in your heart, God’s longing sigh.
The divine hand turns the spout,
this wisdoms comes pouring out.
A spring of eternal waters with healing.
New life begins to sprout.

Here is the wisdom of the willow.
The willow that I adore so much.

The world is harsh and cruel at times.
I continue because of these deep roots of mine.
Go deep in the soil of your heart.
The place where God never departs.

It is not the frigid cold.
Nor, blistering sun that graces my heart.
The sun provides it rays to give life,
but bakes you as easily without strife.

The snow allows me a deep refreshing sleep.
Yet freezes my branches of its life-giving sap.

My strength is in deep roots digging down into the heart of the soil.
Down deep is grace and peace from life’s toils.

Linger no more on me.
Go and do likewise.

Plant your roots deep within your heart.
God has healing waters filled with peace.
His strength can keep you from falling apart.

Writer, philosopher, humorist, observer of life, an all-around lovable guy.

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